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Wedding In Agadir

Agadir is seaside resort with a long sandy beach. Because of its large buildings, wide roads, modern hotels, and European-style cafés, Agadir is not a typical city of traditional Morocco,but it is a modern, busy and dynamic town.

Agadir is famous for its sea food and agriculture.

Located along the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir has a very temperate climate. *

The daytime temperature generally stays in the 20°C every day,with the winter highs typically reaching 20.7°C in Dec/Jan

Kingdom of Morocco 

  • Population : 30 million .Capital city : Rabat
  • People : 55% Arab, 44% Berbers
  • Languages :Arabic (official) + Berber dialects ,French, Spanish and English.
  • Religion : Islam & Judaism.
  • Government : Constitutional monarchy
  • Head of State : King Mohammed VI
  • Currency: Dirham (MAD):1USD is worth approximately 8,5MAD /1Euro:11MAD

  Day 1 :Agadir / Arrival

  • Warm welcome at the Airport with the assistance by our qualified Russian speaking guides.
  • Transfer by A/C bus to your hotel (20 to30’).
  • Program depending on the arrival time
  • OR Free afternoon in the golden sandy beach
  • OR . Relaxation at the beach , Spa , Thalassotherapy
  • Or Optional excursions Dinner at hotel or in the City
    ( see optional restaurants technical sheets )
  • Overnight

Day 2  : Full Day City tour

- After breakfast This is a charming city and a veritable jewel of Moroccan tourism. In Berber Agadir means “common fortified grain store”. Built on a magnificent bay of some 10 kilometres of fine sand, Agadir enjoys constant sunshine. In 1505 the Portuguese travelling to India built a fortress here which they called ‘’Santa Cruz du Cap de Gué’’. In 1541 the founder of Saadian dynasty, Mohamed Echeikh El Mehdi, conquered the fortress. His son Moulay Abdellah El Ahalib decided to build a fort on the hill overlooking the port, the (Kasbah), designed to protect the town against European attacks.

The Kasbah dominates the entire city. It was built by Sultan Moulay Abdellah In 1572 and became prosperous thanks to the exports of sugar plantation. Then a visit to the port to seethe fleet and building industry.

- After an Optional fish lunch discovery of MODERN AGADIR : Completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1960 and as a result many people died. The history of Agadir dates back to ancient times when the Phoenicians founded the trading settlement of Russadir in the ideal surrounding of the bay of Agadir.

The Portuguese later used the city as a base for their discovery along the African coast naming it Santa Cruz de Cap Gue. We end our visit with the Moroccan residential area where you will see carpet making, leather work, wood and brassware.

- Optional dinner

Day 3  :Start the celebration day!


I - Hammam

  • After breakfast transfer to a HAMMAM : an ancestral ritual Turkish bath , relaxation with natural scented products, in a calm atmosphere. Purification bath is taken by the fiancée with her friends & relatives : A ceremony where the chaste gets involved in the good scents and where the flame of wax candles, lit for the occasion in the bath, are supposed to enlighten the path of the happiness. This rite gives rise to diverse practices and offerings in charge of symbols.

  • We suggest to rent a traditional Hammam “ Steam Bath “ in the Medina ( Old town ) : A public bath house comparable to the ancient Greek and Roman bathing practices . Where the locals go to clean their body, get a exfoliating massage with the black soap and a special glove for relaxation as well as for socializing .You can also try the Turkish massage, a rather violent massage that can make each of your bones squeak.

  • Or Go to a modern Hammam in Hotel Spa club to enjoy also modern massages & body and face treatment , indoor heated pool is also available for guests as well as a fitness room.

    II –
    Hairstyle & Make-up

    • After lunch :  in order  to make  the wedding  day the most beautiful  & memorable day of the bride’s  life, we will organize at the hotel  for her and her  guests  , in her hotel ,a session of bridal hairstyles, esthetics, make-up  ,nails , all  they  need by specialists.

    III - Wedding Moroccan Dresses

The wedding dress is usually a caftan, a sort of long robe made of silk, satin, chiffon, silk or other rich fabrics, and covered with a jacket.  The dress is often open on the bottom and may have embroidery or sequined details, and may be retained by a wide belt at the waist that adds a stunning touch to the moment.


The bride is helped by "Neggafates" who are wedding master planners, since no wedding ceremony can occur without their presence. Their main task is to help with traditional Moroccan dresses, jewelry, etc. Neggafates assist Moroccan couple to look their best in their wedding ceremony combining know-how about Moroccan wedding, style and fashion taste with an adequate traditional touch.

IV - Transfer to the Wedding Ceremony

  • 19h00 : transfer to the wedding ceremony for: 
  • OPTION A:  HOTEL : No transfer required . The couple will be escorted from their Suite by Music bands and belly dancers, to the ceremony room .
  • OPTION B : TO THE BEACH : By Limousine escorted by Moroccan cavaliers and music band in the city and to the ceremony place. And Buses for the guests .

V- HENNA Ceremony

  • Upon arrival to the chosen place the ceremony will begin by the famous Moroccan Henna  .  
  • "Henna" comes from a plant that can reach up to one meter in height, and its leaves produce yellow or red dyes which are often used for body paint to create different shapes and designs.
  •  At the ceremony a "Hennaya" , a professional Moroccan Henna artist, draws symbolic motifs on the hands and feet of the bride as a lucky charm for her new life.
  • The brides friends and relatives who are involved in marriage will also have henna tatoos.


  • The party itself takes place in a meeting room specially arranged for this Event at the a hotel. At the bottom of the main room is installed a rather high stage, on which are arranged two impressive seats where will sit down the bridegrooms, who can so be observed by all.  On a side of the room, the musicians play and sing, tiring task, because wedding number ends at about 5 am in the morning! Once the guests were placed at their table, the orchestra band attacks the pieces of Arabian music or of Modern ; according to the choice of the bridegrooms.The young wife arrives in the assistance dressed in a white kaftan with matched jewels. She sits in a sedan chair, the "amaria", as her husband. 

  • The bride is surrounded with "Neggafates", teachers of the ceremony and guarantors for the scrupulous respect for the bridal rites. They take care of the bride by dressing her, adorn her with jewels which they lend her, watch that the folds of kaftan always fall good for photos, manage her in the gestures, time the ceremony and the change of clothes.

      - For beach Ceremony: see bellow


  • The meal includes generally a :
    Pastilla (very fine sheets of brick filled with a fricassee of pigeons or with chicken, with almonds (kernels), with sugar and with cinnamon
    Tajine: stew of meat and vegetables been of use in a dish in earth to the characteristic shape) ,or the very delicious & famous  
    Moroccan couscous topped by stewed vegetables and meat , or
    Mechoui : traditionally prepared by roasting a whole lamb either on a spit over a fire or in a pit in the ground. The meat is eaten by hand with salt and cumin for
  • and fresh fruits in the dessert
  • The mint tea finishes the meal, accompanied with delicious Moroccan pastries as, among others, ‘les cornes of gazelle.’
  • The guests dance from time to time at the rate of the music, the evening ends generally near 5 am in the morning, in the sunrise
  • Open Bar with Alcooholics and soft drinks will be at disposal the whole night
  • Moroccan Wine : Among the countries of North Africa , Morocco  is considered to have the best natural potential for producing quality wines due to its high mountains and cooling influence of the Atlantic, as these factors offset the risk of having too hot vineyard

    OPTION “A“:

    At Hôtel Royal Atlas 5* :

      ( See technical sheet enclosed )

The Royal Atlas hôtel is one of the best hotels in the area with a very good Management .

He has différents wings to be used for exclusive events .

And a plenary room of a capacity of 700 persons equipped with the necessary audiovisual equipment. Special events as wedding can be organized within the hotel. The latter offers a wide choice of services banquet for the dinners 


Magic and unusual venue for an unforgettableexperience
- Tents decoration:. On arrival at the Camp, you would be greeted in a big nomadic tent (made with camel hair). On the ground: Carpets, tables and traditional chairs & lamps.
- Light: Burning wood fire, storm lanterns and a light generator for the whole camp. Table set up (minimum basis): White or coloured napkins, tables and traditional Chairs
Dinner: Meals are served on a round table for 6 to 8 pax Sample of menu served during a seated dinner:
*Variety of Moroccan salads
*Tagine with chicken, lemon and olives
*Tagine with beef and prunes
*Seasonal fruits
*Mint tea & Moroccan pastries
Sanitary: Chemical toilets, toilets paper and soap, hot water, mirrors.
Entertainment : Folkloric entertainment, blue men with torch, dromedaries. Spitting of fire . Water carriers. Belly dancers, Henné, snakes charmer, monkey tamers,
 Open air night club with DJ, stage, lightning

Day 4  : Agadir

. Free day to enjoy the beach and to explore the city on your own Or
 . Relaxation at the beach,Spa Thalassotherapy , Golf etc… Or
. Optional excursions
. Dinner at hotel or in the City ( see technical sheets )
. Overnight

Day 5 : Agadir / departure

  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer to Agadir airport
  • Assistance and flight back home 

      Hotel ROYAL ATLAS & Spa 5*- Agadir


At 30 minutes from the airport , the Royal Atlas is situated in sea front, near the most beautiful golf courses of the country. Implanted at the heart of the city of Agadir;Royal Atlas possesses a unique style.. The light, the textures, the decoration and the colors outdo(subsidize,dominate). The architectural characteristics of comfort, design and harmony of the tones, confer a sophisticated dimension and a timeless charm to the hotel. Spaces, decorated in the pure contemporary style, offer an exceptional volume which soaks in the light.


- 310 air-conditioned rooms with balconies & 28 suites and have modern décor and come with a flat-screen TV and a minibar.Each room has a private bathroom offering complimentary toiletries and some rooms have a sea view.

-Spa facilities available for an extra charge include massage and hammam treatments. Additional relaxation facilities include a fitness center, a sauna and a terrace where guests can relax surrounded by palm trees.

- Indoor and outdoor swimming pools and Private Beach Areaare available


3 restaurants : Moroccan, Italian or international cuisine in the hotel’s stylish restaurants & bars …